autonomous municipalities

Autonomous Municipalities

Autonomous municipalities or “Municipios Autónomos” are state created governance entities at the municipal level. The law, which we’ve included below, sets the standards to create them. It also delineates which powers will be handed from the central government to these entities and establishes a baseline for power of authority and jurisdiction. However, the amount of powers handed over to the municipalities was not the same for all of them and could be augmented in manners of planning, zoning, permitting and others. Regarding planning, zoning and permitting, the power afforded depends on the covenant or “convenio de transferencias” signed by and between the central government and each individual autonomous municipality. Although it must be pointed out that some sort of standardization on the type and amount of power given was implemented by defining hierarchies or “jerarquías”, some might have sui generis concessions. The “jerarquías” are ranked with numbers from 1 to 5. The larger the number of the “jerarquía”, the more power and jurisdiction an autonomous municipality has been granted.Therefore always verify the “convenio de transferencias” or transfer covenant and the “jerarquía” afforded to the autonomous municipality or “municipio autónomo” here.

Autonomous Municipality Law or Ley de Municipios Autónomos de Puerto Rico

Law 81-1991, Autonomous Municipaliy Law

Autonomous Municipalities Permit Offices

Municipio Autónomo de Aguadilla Permit Office
Location: Ave. San Carlos 11, Aguadilla PR 00603
Mail: PO BOX 1008, Aguadilla PR 00605
p. 787-891-1005 x. 3404

Municipio Autónomo de Bayamón Permit Office
Location: Casa Alcaldía, Edif. Anexo, Km. 11 PR-2 Bayamón, PR 00959
Mail: PO BOX 1588 Bayamón PR 00960
p. 787-787-7878

Municipio Autónomo de Cabo Rojo Permit Office
Location: Casa Alcaldía, PR-103, Cabo Rojo, PR 00623
Mail: PO BOX 1308 Cabo Rojo, PR 00623
p. 787-851-1025 x. 2239

Municipio Autónomo de Caguas Permit Office
Location: Centro de Gobierno Municipal Ángel Rivera Rodríguez Ofi. 201, Cll. Padial, Caguas PR 00725
Mail: PO BOX 907 Caguas PR 00726
p. 787-744-8833 x. 2306

Municipio Autónomo de Carolina Permit Office
Location: Casa Alcaldía, 1er Piso, Cll Ignacio Arzuaga Esq. Fernández Juncos, Carolina, PR 00986
Mail: PO BOX 8 Carolina PR 00986
p. 787-757-2626 x. 8257

Municipio Autónomo de Fajardo Permit Office
Location: Casa Alcaldía, Nuevo Anexo, 2do Piso Cll. Dr. López, Esq. Muñoz Rivera, Fajardo PR 00738
Mail: PO BOX 865 Fajardo PR 00738
p. 787-863-4013 x. 6094

Municipio Autónomo de Guaynabo Permit Office
Location: Casa Alcaldía, edif. Anexo 1er Piso, Cll. Herminio Díaz Navarro esq. Julián Acosta, Guaynabo PR 00969
Mail: PO BOX 7885, Guaynabo PR 00970
p. 787-720-4040 x. 2216, 2228

Municipio Autónomo de Humacao Permit Office
Location: Edif. Terminal Norte, 2do Piso Cll. Miguel Casillas, Humacao, PR 00792
Mail: PO BOX 178 Humacao PR 00792
p. 787-852-3066 x. 2114, 2117

Municipio Autónomo de Ponce Permit Office
Location: Edif. Ponce Servicios, Ofi. 110 Cll. Mayor Cantera 72 esq. Cll. Estrella, Ponce, PR 00730
Mail: PO BOX 331709, Ponce PR 00733
p. 787-259-2210

Municipio Autónomo de San Juan Permit Office
Location: Edif. Trilito, 4tpo piso, Ave. De Diego 130 esq. Cll. 54 SE Urb. La Riviera, San Juan, PR 00921
Mail: PO BOX 70179, San Juan PR 00936
p. 787-480-3080

Consorcio del Municipio Autónomo de Cidra, Municipio de Cayey Municipio Autónomo de Coamo, Municipio Autónomo de Villalba, Municipio Autónomo de Salinas Permit Office
Location: Casa Alcaldía, 2do Piso Ofi. 201, PR-172 km 12.7, Cidra, PR 00739
Mail: PO BOX 729 Cidra, PR 00739
p. 787-434-1400 x. 3200

Consorcio Municipio Autónomo de Barraquitas, Municipio Autónomo de Aibonito, Municipio Autónomo de Comerío Permit Ofiice

Municipio Autónomo de Aibonito
Location: Bo. Pueblo, Casa Alcaldía, edif. Anexo, 2do piso Cll. Degetau 55, Aibonito, PR 00705
Mail: PO BOX 2004 Aibonito PR 00705
p. 787-735-8181 x. 7050

Municipio Autónomo de Barranquitas
Location: Cll. Luís Muñoz Rivera 27, 1er piso Barranquitas, PR 00794
Mail: PO BOX 250, Barranquitas PR 00794
p. 787-857-3810 x. 7745

Municipio Autónomo de Comerío
Location: Bo. Vega Redonda, Sector Pasarel, Pabellón de Servicios PR-778 Km 0.9, Comerío, PR 00782
Mail: PO BOX 1108 Comerío, PR 00782
P. 787-875-5520

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2018_02_16 Oficinas de Permisos Municipales

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Puerto Rico Building Permits in Autonomous Municipalities should take into account individual municipalities territorials plans, agreements ( Convenios de Transferencia ) between the autonomous municipalities and the Puerto Rico Planning Board. For more information here.

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