new opportunities

Damages caused by hurricane Irene and María, will create numerous claims and substantial payouts that will have a considerable and positive impact in the construction industry and its related services. Similarly, as recent as February 9, 2018, the United States Government approved a spending bill with $89 billions of disaster relief money, of which $23 billions will go to projects aimed at reducing the risk of damage from future storms. This, in addition to a $30 billion disaster relief spending bill signed into law on October 2017. Although these spending bills will benefit various states that suffered natural disasters during 2017, including, Florida, Texas, California, Puerto Rico, USVI and others, we can be sure that there will be massive spending in our island.

Furthermore, the US Government’s current administration is currently working on the approval of several other bills which will increase government spending on infrastructure. For instance, additional supplemental spending bills for disaster recovery and rebuilding of housing and infrastructure in Puerto Rico. Similarly, the current presidential administration has bolstered its plan to send to congress an unprecedented infrastructure-spending bill, which could add up to $1.5T in infrastructure spending.

Hence consistent and sustained growth in the construction industry can be expected for the next three to five years.

So lets gear up!