PR’s Planning Board Says: No Permits Necessary!

Puerto Rico’s Planning Board thru administrative order 2017-07, has waived the requirement of obtaining construction permits at OGPe or Autonomous Municipalities for any reconstruction, repair or to rebuild infrastructure in order to address the basic needs of the people.


The administrative order states various caveats like: Any infrastructure repair project prior to obtaining said waiver, must first present an environmental permit, i.e. a  categorical exclusion (Exclusión Categorica) which will serve as evidence of compliance with the planning boards order. Any construction work must have a properly certified plan and a certification, that the reconstruction or repair complies with current construction codes. The designated inspector for the project must certify that the work  was performed in compliance with plans and specifications and other restrictions.


For specific details please read the Planning Board’s administrative order.  Orden Administrativa OGPe-2017-07